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HSBC Green Library
HSBC initiated a flagship project, known as 'The Green Library Project', in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and other leading organisations, with the aim of providing sustainable solutions, to combat the causes of climate change.

World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp partnered with HSBC, to design and fit-out the 400sqm library, set over a total surrounding area of 1,700sqm. The library was developed and refurbished, from a vacant building, which led to a significant improvement of both the interior and exterior. The principles of green buildings, close to the heart of dwp, were applied to all aspects of the design, to ensure energy conservation and an overall environmentally friendly strategy. Over 9,000 households around the community are set to benefit from this library, as it will be their knowledge centre and is the prototype for green building in and around the area. The public will be able to learn about energy and environmental conservation. The HSBC Green Library is already undergoing the assessment processes for LEED Platinum certification.

Location: Bangkok Thailand
Size: 1,700 sqm
Completion: May 2011
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