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Tseun Wan Adventist Hospital
World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp were asked to create the interiors for the Tseun Wan Adventist Hospital extension for 430 extra beds. dwp devised a set of interior environment principles, based on nature and nurture, to apply to all spaces throughout the building. From this basis a language of elements, palettes and details was developed, varying in application to different spaces, yet tied together by consistent principles, underlying all the schemes.

Using natural materials, for light, open and functional clarity, coupled with visually comforting warm colour tones, dwp generated nurturing and welcoming interiors for to patients, staff and visitors. Longevity of the design was also essential, achieved by a sufficiently natural and neutral ambience to appear clean and fresh, as well as combining material resilience and quality, so that the interiors have a strong relationship with the life and fabric of the building.

The primary arrival and public space is the main lobby, which has multiple travel axes connecting through the space. Visually strong rows of timber beams crossframe the length of the space, while clean bulkheads float underneath. A palette of off-white stones, warm timbers, neutral carpets, highlighted with champagne metal edges and soft shades, appear natural and fresh, continued throughout. The outpatient clinics have added splashes of colour. The patient ward floor waiting areas and corridors also continue the neutral base before leading into richer variety of themed patient rooms, using soft and natural green, blue and orange tones in compliment.

The food court acts as an extension of the adjacent rooftop landscape. Merging interior and exterior spaces received grey and beige stones, timbers and expressed ceiling soffits, creating a destination experience.

Location: Hong Kong
Area: 5,740sqm (public areas, auditorium, canteen, patient/staff areas)
Completion: 2015
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