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The Singapore Tourism Visitor Centre gave world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp the opportunity to develop a visitor centre area, as they were relocating from the 2nd floor to 21st floor of the United Centre Building on Silom Road, Bangkok. This centre was to provide both information and advice to customers, within the parameters of a visitor information centre.

From a planning perspective, the visitor centre area was designed to be incorporated into the main entrance. The functional aspects were a reception and waiting area, digital media panel, poster & brochure information panel and client informal meeting room.

dwp wanted create a truly positive, interesting and artistic space for visitors, by using fluid elements, adapted to human needs, to communicate an organic, soft, pleasurable domestic environment. The proposed design for the Singapore Tourism Visitor Centre was a metaphor for how technology, working, furnishing, and space can blend together, to evoke an increased sense of experience, which has a desired effect on the psyche and satisfies the needs of the visitor.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 500sqm
Concept Completion: March 2010
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