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Crowne Plaza Hanoi,Vientnam
The theme of the hotel is Asian chic. The contemporary and sophisticated design bestows an international appeal featuring masculine interiors with a balance of decorative elements.

As a celebration of Hanoi's 1000th year, a subtle dragon motif is featured dancing around the lobby. Spiritual elements leave their imprint, tying the area together with a delicate fish scale screen and intricate timber detail.

With soft finishes and translucent movement, a floating spiral staircase takes us to a ballroom and banquet rooms on the second floor. Clouds meet heaven (literally) in the ballroom inspired with an Asian Mystique theme.

The hotel's signature Chinese restaurant features wine displays, tea tastings and a beautiful central kitchen with a time-honoured ambience. The traditional spa is designed with earthy elements and natural materials.

Location: Hanoi, Vientnam
Completion: 2010
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