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Xu Café Bar & Restaurant
Working as the design consultancy team, world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp aided with the interiors and façade of the popular Xu Café Bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The lighting, furniture and bar counter were specially custom-manufactured for Xu. Soft yellow lights bring the place to life, as the amber colour evokes a warm, friendly ambience. Light wooden high stools that embody the feel of sun and sand line the bar. As with all of the raw materials used, the wood was especially selected for Xu and made as clean and as light as possible, and without varnish. The bar offers a subtle contrast to the velvet-draped, low-lit and dark-coloured Xu Restaurant upstairs, giving guests a chance to experience two different sides of the same venue.

dwp enlarged the façade, kitting it out with a large, floor-to-ceiling window, to give the place a transparent feel. Xu Café Bar's location, on the bustling and touristy Hai Ba Trung, makes the massive window a major marketing tool for the venue, heralding it as a 'seen and be seen' hangout. Since opening, Xu Café Bar has definitely become a must-go place, in the city.
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