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Majestic Hotel
World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp created the architectural design for the stunning new double-towers extension to the famous Majestic Hotel in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Propelling this iconic landmark into a new era, the new additions to the Majestic Hotel complex will see a further 353 rooms, meetings and office facilities and other high-end services, resulting in one of the largest hotels of its kind in Vietnam.

Throughout the construction of the two new 24 and 27-floor luxury towers, the current 175-room hotel remains operational. Built originally in 1925, the hotel has witnessed many transformations over the decades, but it will continue to maintain its style and flair, with the more modern extension that pays tribute to the hotels illustrious past.

dwp's extension design covers an area of 39,000sqm, rising some 110m into the city skyline. The super-structure is composed of concrete, and its large glass panes with silver Venetian blinds help to define the building's façade. The double-layer glazed walls have unusually deep 35cm cavities, which permit very high insulation levels and contribute substantially to energy saving. These elements combine to create an image that is distinctive and modern in spirit, yet flattering and complimentary to the existing structure.

The resulting hotel and office building complex, which broke ground in mid-2012, is set to meet the large and diverse demands of the market, further enhancing the competitive edge and comparative advantages of Ho Chi Minh City, as an attractive venue in the Asia-Pacific region.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Size: 39,000sqm
Completion: Estimated January 2015
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