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Hard Rock Hotel Dubai

World's tallest hotel building, the 78 storeys Hardrock Hotel is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road in the center of Dubai, UAE.

Inspired by the dynamic SOUNDS of ROCK in various attributes, dwp creates an imaginative, energetic yet comfortable environment of Hard Rock Hotel Dubai where the freedom and independence is expressed and celebrated in an inspirational lifestyle. Just like Rock music, the hotel showcases the authenticity in design which reflects the uniqueness of sounds of rock as it travels through the spaces. Arriving at the ground floor reception, you will fall in love with our 'Sound Wave Lobby', then check-in at the melody lobby on 25th level that inspired by the form of black guitar. Enjoy your evening at the imagination lounge on the 29th floor, which creates passionate emotional connections with music lovers.

Location: Dubai, UAE
Completion: 2012 (estimated)
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