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Porsche and Jaguar, two names highly regarded in the automotive industry, turned to world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp for their dual-level flagship showroom, in Bangkok. Desiring a unique place to showcase their vehicles to the public, the show cars, featured inside the store, were the obvious focal point. Therefore, the design elements had to be simple, yet equally capture the presence and essence of these high profile brands. dwp opted for an open layout that made full use of the double level setting and would allow customers to wander around the space, without feeling restricted or limited. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces were placed on the ceiling to enhance the perception of added space, while audio-visual equipment complimented the technical components of the layout. The centre-piece of the design is a display area, where merchandise and other brand related products are placed for customer browsing. Echoing quality, the display units are made of high-grade, imported European granite.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 328sqm
Completion: 2006
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