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Mercedes-Benz, Syria

Designed by the world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, the building housing the Mercedes-Benz car showroom makes a strong statement. The 3-showroom concept is based on a marked division between ground-floor exhibition areas, and upper-level office spaces.

The façade of the car display area is highly transparent, with a regular rhythm of steel columns. Appearing to support the envelope of the office levels, encased in metal louvers, they help achieve the effect of opacity, while controlling the access of light to the interior, without obstructing the views of the surrounding mountains. The horizontally running I-beam not only further delineates the two functions, but also provides a well-defined zone for brand signage.

The division between the 3 showrooms is easily discernable, via careful planning of the façade folds, maximising display frontage. The resulting effect is either a sequence of connected spaces or independently managed parts. In order to introduce a visual connection between the exhibition and repair zones, 3 large floor cut-outs were created. The shape of the openings invokes a sense of uniformity between the 3 interiors, in case the building is ever used as one open space.

Location: Syria
Size: 2,200sqm
Status: On-going
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