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Herat Tower, Bahrain

World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp has added a new concept with a nautical feel, Herat Tower, a Memar Development project in Saudi Arabia, to its renowned portfolio of residential buildings.

Stretching out and up into the skyline, and overlooking the ocean, it is an instant icon within the city and a challenge in interior architecture. dwp looked at the architectural language of Herat Tower, in a new and innovative manner, relevant to the way people live today.

The project encompasses underground parking, self-sufficiency in basic amenities, apartments and penthouses, which incorporate spacious terraces and balconies, carefully thought-out gyms and spa areas, adeptly designed with respect to the country's heritage, and all of which facilitate safe community interaction.

Designed by dwp for Memar, with simplicity, serenity and elegance at the forefront, Herat Tower is Memar's first signature project.

Location: Bahrain
Completion: 2011
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