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Quattro Bangkok, Thailand

With the interiors designed by the world-class international architecture and interior design firm dwp, Sansiri offers a new style of premium urban living, located right in the heart Bangkok. Quattro by Sansiri harmonises dynamics, rhythm and transition, in all of its aesthetics. The interior design of the Quattro lobbies in each tower have explored and exploited the concept of 'Living Beyond Expectations'.

All of the elements of the interior design are a most modern representation of a contemporary art gallery, where the design aspects are showcased like objects of art. Extensive use of glass and mirrors, coupled with the random material size of boxes in the feature wall, are a creative example of this innovative dynamic.

Through meticulous planning, the efficient functioning of the lobby presents more than just a gallery aesthetic. There are a variety of activity areas, such as a library and an internet station, to enhance convenience and cater to the requirements of modern everyday living at its best.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 500sqm (Lobby Design)
Completion: November 2011
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