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I-BIZA, Thailand
Situated in the heart of vibrant and dazzling city of angels, I-BIZA RCA aims to offer a relaxing enclave of comfortable urban living, for the younger generation and new families. Gathering and relaxing are the main experience orientations, for dwellers of I-BIZA.

Derived from the pattern of the façade of the building itself, contemporary artworks, by the Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian, were chosen as a point of inspiration for the interior design concept, which was created by the world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp. This reflection can be noticeably seen on feature walls. The context of the urban location also featured heavily in the interiors décor, where functionality and space flow are also key. As a representation of I-House vertical living, the sales office design also featured a high ceiling and full-height glazing, centred by a large-scale, suspended tube chandelier that accentuated the space, whilst providing audio and lighting visuals, which were entertaining for visitors.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Completion: June 2011
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