lifestyle - Seef Mall, Bahrain
Seef Mall, Bahrain
The Seef Mall renovation project was a re-theming concept, requiring the creation of the most attractive eating and shopping experience in the region, by design. World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp conceived the idea of each of the four mall atriums being fitted with dramatic sculptural chandeliers, to represent the different Seef elements: Sea, Sand, Sun and Fire. The atriums were then provisioned with comfortable lounge furniture and wifi internet access, to attract young adults and professionals to socialize, work or relax within the mall, and consequently make use of the facilities, services and stores. Seef Mall's two food courts were to be remodelled to become visually stimulating, yet comfortable, dining areas for families and friends. The renovation also included a contemporary lighting treatment and finishes, to enhance the overall experience in the mall corridors and at the shop fronts. The Seef Mall re-theming project set construction to begin in 2010.

Location: Bahrain
Completion: 2010
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