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Hong Kong Jockey Club

Undergoing major works to upgrade their facilities, the Hong Kong Jockey Club commissioned world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp to create a new racing themed venue, to appeal to a younger, sophisticated urban clientele. This venue was intended as a key space in transforming the race course into a new revitalized destination, attracting wider audiences. As both a dining and betting venue, the project presented a challenge to combine these functions in an environment that meets the standards and expectations of urban dining customers, yet is simultaneously a playful engagement of the dynamic world of horse racing.

The interior design concept is a layered combination of elements, referencing horses and racing. Textures and materials, timbers and iron, together with framing details and proportions, are reminiscent of horse stables, as a foundation. Embracing the speed of racing, long sweeping, curving lines and diagonal elements create a sense of movement and directionality. Black, white, brown and chestnut colours of horses form the base palette, tying the layer aspects together.
Spatially, this challenging venue is long, narrow and low, with many columns. dwp successfully combined an entry node, a central focal drinks bar, banquet seating, a buffet area and betting booths, connected by a common dynamic path. Real horse shoes welded together make for playful screens and column features, while white and black floor patterns race through the space, punctuated by embedded horseshoe tracks.
Together the layers of spatiality, combined function complexities, materiality and details work together to form a fresh racing theme, relevant to both the urban context and the contemporary spirit of racing.

Location: Hong Kong, China
Area: 2,380sqm
Completion: 2012

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