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Private Residence, Bahrain

Located in the fashionable resort of Durrat Al Bahrain, this private residence was designed in the essence and style of Ralph Lauren, mixing rustic beachside finishes with the sophistication of a nautical retreat. World-class international architecture and interior design firm dwp implemented hand-hewn oakwood ceilings, grass cloth wall coverings, and rough stone floors. Adding a soft elegance to the ambiance, light sheer drapes, gently billowing in the ocean breeze, and cabana striped linen fabrics heighten a sense of relaxation and calm.

As complimenting décor, the client's personal collection of nautical memorabilia and Southeast Asian furniture is accentuated with black and white photography, as well as an accessories collection, set to make anyone feel right at home in their beachside oasis. This style is completely unique to homes in this region, and breaking the residential mold is nothing new to dwp, whose aim is to best reflect and translate their clients' desires, in innovative ways.

Location: Durrat Al Bahrain
Area: 500sqm
Completion: 2009

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