lifestyle - Sansiri Prachachuen, Thailand
Sansiri Prachachuen, Thailand
In an effort to customise living settings, world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp was engaged to design 5 completely different interior design themes, for the customer to choose from. This brash and unique concept involved 5 appealing styles of Retro, Natural, French, White Oriental and Art-Deco.

For the creative mind, Art-Deco offers a classical styling that truly draws its concept from Europe. The White Oriental theme is a mixture between contemporary Eastern flair and simplicity, perfect for the client seeking a fusion of comfort and style. French implements luxury French imported furniture and fittings throughout, lending a soft and elegant touch. The Retro styled option offers a distinctive 60's flare with dark curtains and furniture. Every part of the interiors here, right down to the plastic white chairs, is truly retro chic.

The Sansiri Prachachuen project allowed dwp designers to genuinely run free with creativity, in a fun and imaginative manner.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 5 show houses
Completion: 2009
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