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Quattro Penthouse, Thailand

World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership created the interiors for all areas of the 3-bedroom show unit of the new luxury urban residential development, Quattro by Sansiri. dwp drew inspiration for the design, as a starting point, from the artistry and aesthetics of the late, great fashion designer Alexander McQueen. To appeal to Sansiri's targeted bold and chic clientele, the design had to match the innovative style of this brand new premium urban living concept, in a prime central location, and result in something previously "Unseen before in Bangkok".
The design concept and creation of the interiors came from the very essence of bespoke design, with a high degree of original customisation and attention to detail. dwp were inspired, to infuse originality and artistry into every aspect of the design, right down to the styling. The juxtaposition between elements of edgy glamour and natural romanticism, much in the way McQueen was himself, paved the way for the look and feel of the entire unit, under the theme 'The New Romantic'.

All of the elements of the design conspire to provide a perfectly harmonized balance, between masculinity and femininity, the sleek and the sensual, contemporary and classicism, edgy and romantic, minimalist and lush, appeal and intrigue, and the functional with the luxurious. The client, Sansiri, requested a design, where inspiration for creativity came from the use of original and unique artwork. dwp began with inspiration of an artist (Alexander McQueen), and ultimately themselves became artists, creating an incredibly stylish, imaginative design, both sophisticated and memorable, exceeding expectations.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 113.5sqm
Completion: January 2012
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