lifestyle - 39 by Sansiri, Sales Office, Thailand
39 by Sansiri, Sales Office, Thailand

Developer Sansiri once again turned to world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp to create the both the architecture and interiors for their latest condominium complex in the heart of Bangkok's city centre.
Looking to make a creative statement for a building with a bold attitude, to compliment a contemporary and superior urban lifestyle experience, dwp wanted to assure fluid connectivity between both internal and external spaces. Carrying on from the clean lines of the building structure, dwp took inspiration from the high-end fashion label Armani and a stylish New York chic.

The resulting effect is a combination of sophisticated and serene elegance, coupled with a dramatic and purposeful edge. A neutral base palette, to harmonise with the white exterior, is augmented with stone textures and luxury fabric choices and ambient lighting. Natural light has been maximised by floor-to-ceiling windows, yet screens and panelling allow for the required degree of privacy. All elements were carefully selected to ensure a discerningly luxurious air.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 200sqm (including vestibule and back of house)
Mock up of 2 Bedroom unit approximately 75-80sqm
Completion: December 2012
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