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EverRich 2 Apartments, Vietnam

The second phase of a challenging and ambitious residential project, the original building form was inspired by a single continuous loop, to replace previous ideas of blocks upon blocks of buildings on a large plot of land. These rows of buildings would be substituted with a monstrous single block, softened into the shape of an undulating loop, creating different views, sun angles and breeze flows throughout. The final shape took the form of a wave or a Möbius strip, offering various styles of units and many opportunities for different kinds of glazing and natural landscaping. The aim is to largely support these units with two floors of retail and recreation activities on ground level, complete with shops, cinema, parking and several swimming pools throughout.

By engineering standards, this project is a humongous undertaking and solving what are usually routine practices of distribution of mechanical and electrical services was a giant, complicated puzzle. World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp continues to integrate natural light into the dwellings and public areas, and has dramatically improved the efficiency of skinning the building with simple masonry walls to "counteract the ominous nature of the building".

Location : District 7, HCMC
Area: 639,500sqm
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