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BMW Showroom, Bangkok, Thailand

When BMW wanted to transform the company's head office in Thailand, they called upon world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, to give the interiors a prestigious makeover. One of the tasks involved converting their major exhibition hall into a gallery, where cars could be viewed as art exhibits. The space has a U-shaped footprint, linked to the main building lobby, and contains a large central core element, which required careful design consideration, in order to conform to BMW's corporate planning criteria.

The project called for clean lines and neutral colours. With the use of light and glass, this U-shaped hall was remodelled with a translucent, white, backlit glass wall-grid, wrapping around the internal walls. The resulting gallery is used to launch new vehicle models and plays host to cultural & art events, as the centrepiece of BMW's network of dealerships throughout Thailand.

This project also required the renovation of the management area, an 80sqm office space. A neutral theme of grey and white was implemented, with a contrasting mahogany veneer for furniture and doors.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: Showroom + 80sqm office space
Completion: September 2004
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