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Zhitang Town Center
dwp | design worldwide partnership, an award winning international architecture and interior design company, was once again hired by Calxon Urbanization Company to develop the concept for a green and sustainable town center – this time for the Chinese city of Zhitang.

The "oval" provides the inspiration for this project. The oval is designed to bring the community of Zhitang together with a modern, mixed-use development featuring shops, government offices, a cinema, and food & beverage facilities.

The Zhitang town center is a modern commercial community zone made up of a series of buildings each connected to one another through conveniently located circulation bridges. Each building features a unique façade, providing a separate identity to each building but within a coherent overall design.

A system of walkways forms a circulation system that guides the visitors around and then back to the large oval community gathering place at the heart of the development. At the southern edge of the oval is a circular glass and steel building that fixes the gaze of visitors as they enter. The central oval space acts as the focal point for the community, hosting numerous activities.

Location: Zhitang, China
Size: 48,000sqm
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