Election night can be long and tiring, and even news anchors need a snack break every now and then. Tuesday night, during Fox News' midterm election coverage, Megyn Kelly could be seen twisting the handle of an old school candy dispenser and enjoying a few delectable treats just before going to commercial. Later, after the break, Bret Baier kept fumbling his words because he was chewing on a few too many savory chocolate almonds. "You shouldn't give me the chocolate almonds right before the call!" Baier shouted at Kelly. "You need a little caffeine," Kelly laughed. "You need a little stimuli!" cheap montblanc pens

At IFA 2014 Unpacked, Samsung has announced that it's partnering with venerable pen maker Montblanc on two custom styluses for its new Galaxy Note 4. The "Pix" and the "e-StarWalker" are done in the pen maker's classic, chunky style for any Note smartphone or tablet user. Montblanc calls it a "digital writing" device, a clear sign it's targeting those for whom a flimsy plastic pen just won't do. It also revealed two flip covers for the Note 4, the "Extreme" in a threaded fabric that mirrors Samsung's Galaxy S5 "Band-Aid" design, and the "Soft Grain" with a classic leather look. There's no word yet on availability or cost, but we don't imagine that a digital writing device comes cheap.

cheap montblanc pens Anne Hathaway's huge 2012 culminated in 2013, when Hathaway won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for "Les Mis¨¦rables." Since then, however, Hathaway's public life has remained quiet. Save for a cameo in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Don Jon" and an unfortunate meeting with a riptide a few weeks ago, we haven't heard much from Hathaway in the past year. Even Hathaway is under the impression that "people needed a break" from her. That short hiatus, though, ended at Sundance: Hathaway stars in "Song One," which premiered at the prestigious film festival, a film that finds her playing an anthropologist who has to return home to New York city after her musician brother is injured in a serious car accident. While she's home, a relationship starts between her and another musician, who happens to be her brother's idol. (After "Song One," Hathaway also has a featured role in Christopher Nolan's new film, "Interstellar," which is out in November.) I met Hathaway and first time director Kate Barker-Froyland here in Park City, Utah to discuss their new Sundance film, which had been five years in the making (the two women met on the set of "The Devil Wears Prada"), and Hathaway's role in "Interstellar." (And, as I found out, it's really hard to ignore the fact that Ted Danson happened to be sitting only a few feet away.)

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