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dwp profile

architecture + interior design
From small, voracious, entrepreneurial beginnings, since 1994, dwp has flourished into an award-winning, one-stop integrated design service, with global reach. Even in the most challenging of locations, over 350 multi-cultural professionals work together to deliver architecture, interior design, planning and project coordination, across borders, to the highest international standards.

We, at dwp, are as passionate about delivering innovative, visionary design solutions, as we are about working in close collaboration with our clients. Our multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams unite to provide a wealth of expertise, experience and know-how, in today's ever-changing, fast-paced and challenging environments. Our solid reputation and definitive successes are continually enhanced by an innate ability to mobilise international resources and guarantee the highest levels of quality and service.

dwp creates unique, memorable and compelling spaces, structures and environments, with the utmost respect for sustainability and our clients' architectural, interior design, functional and spiritual aspirations. We embrace even the most challenging of locations with equal fervour and flexibility, as we play our part in shaping the future. Thorough research and enquiry into each and every stage of every single project ensures we maintain exacting levels of knowledge and understanding. With our vast international and award-winning experience, we are an efficient, dedicated and service-oriented team, proudly presenting our best iconic designs, time and again.

dwp design philosophy

- Simplicity + Elegance: Provide simple, elegant solutions, responding to material, spiritual and cultural requirements.

- Challenge + Enquiry: Question conventions and norms, engaging in thorough research and enquiry, throughout the design process.

- Innovation + Engagement: Experiment, explore and continually generate unique and exciting ideas, setting new benchmarks.

- Connectivity + Collaboration: Exchange knowledge and encourage the global free flow of ideas, communicating with and seeking out new talent sources.
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