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Bank of Ayudhya

As one of Thailand's oldest and most respected banking houses, the Bank of Ayudhya presented world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp with several interesting design challenges. The client desired to mesh the best of the foundations upon which their success had been built, with a new, more modern look and feel to convey the Bank of Ayudhya's cutting edge technology and service.

dwp's design ensured that the corporate identity of the bank was enhanced at every opportunity. The yellow corporate colour theme was integrated into the design via several mediums, such as the graphics, lighting of the bank's interior and exterior spaces, and the construction materials. Coupled with the bold display of the bank's logo, continuity of the bank's traditional image was reinforced, yet with a new, more modern, and clearly identifiable edge. dwp implemented this design platform across over 350 locations, including city and micro branches, ATM's and the country's first ever drive-thru banking facility.

Location: Roll-out project for Bank of Ayudhya branches throughout Thailand (350+ branches)
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