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The iconic beauty and healthcare specialist L'Oréal needed to create a workplace that would be multi-disciplinary, and called upon world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp. They required an office space for staff and an education and exhibition centre, to showcase their products and to facilitate learning sessions for the public.

The emphasis was a sleek, modern and cutting-edge design that would be dynamic from every angle within the space. Contours were used throughout, to give the impression that no space is defined. The ceiling features, furniture and fittings all received a wavy element that was coupled with a smart use of non-intrusive luminous lighting, seamlessly setting the ambience.

The office features a library that contains a collection of magazines and reading materials that staff and visitors can enjoy, in a dedicated quiet reading area. Throughout the office, display components showcase the full range of L'Oréal products that are available to consumers.

Location: Bangkok
Completion: 2004
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