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Microsoft, Vietnam

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, the 490sqm office is an ideal location when it comes to amenities and facilities. What is needed is a little pizzazz that will reflect Microsoft's technical supremacy with its innovative outlook.

The building has a curvy exterior, so dwp decided to take advantage of the building's shape and included curves in designing the reception area, sofas and work stations. The result is a layout that is not only contemporary, creative and colourful but also conveys a lively and warm atmosphere.

The spotlights on the ceiling emits a warm glow and the free form sofas and chairs are swathed in bright, cheery colors of yellow and orange that are synonymous with software giant's corporate colors. Meanwhile, the minimalist reception area hints at visitors that they are in a place where technology and creativity rules and the lightwood work stations are a perfect blend of practicality and playfulness.
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