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HSBC Hanoi

HSBC is well-known worldwide for its red-and-white colour scheme, abundant use of graphics in its office décor and high-quality service. Those were but a few of the key elements world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp had to consider for the interior design of its flagship branch in Hanoi, as part of a long-standing working relationship with HSBC across Asia

dwp took HSBC's motto 'The world's local bank' and designed graphics that linked a high profile international bank to the local environment. Implementing graphics on walls, cubicles, and workstations, local scenes and people were depicted, such as in rice paddies, basket boats and conical hats.

The design team incorporated HSBC's reputation for efficiency in the careful division of space, to direct traffic flow, and placement of counselling areas for clients and staff desks and offices. The Hanoi branch included services for VIP clients, occuping three levels, totalling 1,027sqm.

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Size: 1,027sqm
Completion: 2008
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