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Uawithya Corporate Headquarters
Uawithya is a leading name in the quarry and equipment business in Thailand. They recently commissioned world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, to design and build their corporate headquarters on Wireless Road, in central Bangkok.

As an internationally respected company, the office was specifically designed to showcase the numerous products and services the company provides to its clients, as well as provide an efficient, comfortable working environment for staff.

A bold statement in the design was conceptualised by using the corporate colour red, as the main accent point. This was then set juxtaposing it with a strong masculine palette of steel and stone, to convey the nature of the business. There is an evident air of transparency and openness throughout.

Additionally, bold graphics were utilised to create an inspirational buzz about the business within the space, and highlight the pride of the company in its past, present and future.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 750sqm
Completed: February 2011
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