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Red Hat is the leader in enterprise Linux and is the most recognised open-source brand, in the world, with ambitious plans to keep the business dynamic, whilst attracting young gifted technical employees. dwp in partnership with IA were commissioned to provide interior architectural services that would transform Redhat's existing facilities into a workplace that embraced collaboration and learning, whilst helping change the way people worked. Their workspaces now meet and collaborate with a cool edge and also feature an innovatively designed café area, adjacent to the training facilities. The acoustic walls and banquet seats have been designed to create tight intimate open spaces in this large corporate headquarter. To cater to the high amount of Gen Y staff, spaces were maximised, through the use of linear and minimal interiors concepts. Red Hat has made some changes to address the new working culture, to attract and retain quality staff. Located in the Prosper Centre in Beijing, the Red Hat office has achieved the internationally-recognised green building certification: LEED Gold accreditation.

Location: Beijing, China
Size: 800sqm
Completion: November 2009
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