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Lilanz Head Office

Created by world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, the concept for the Lilanz Headquarters design focused around an open-plan working environment, over four floors. A concrete ribbon threads through the spaces, linking the exhibition space on L1 with large studio work desks and meeting room tables on L2 and 3. Starting at the reception counter, the ribbon sweeps through meeting rooms and forms long plinths for exhibition display at several heights. Designers can enjoy large, uninterrupted table space, in the studios. A feature resin formed black sculptural staircase provides the vertical circulation between L1 and 3, and creates a dramatic centrepoint to the space. Semi-exposed ceiling plains complement the architectural treatment and add an industrial feel to the interior.

L6 houses the CEO, Vice-Presidents, General Manager and Chairman's offices. A sculptural white corian reception counter is set back from the lift lobby. A generously staged waiting area provides comfortable seating and tea tables for clients. The CEO's office features a sculptural corian formed back wall which integrates the desk and aligns to the principles of feng shui. Open-plan workspace and meeting rooms are linked with a dramatic metal band, covering the ceiling. Toilets are designed as unique pod structures on each floor and complement the interior design.

Location: Jinjiang, China
Size: 8,000 sqm
Completion: Estimated September 2011
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