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When relocating to the heart of Bangkok, from a more remote country location, where their office was part of a warehousing and manufacturing site, used the services of world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp to introduce a professional image and modern working environment into the business.

The design for the office was based upon a concept of the 'Tree of Life', a contemporary Thai painting, which enveloped the offices and spread its branches to all floors. The colours were in warm natural tones, focusing on texture and Asian materials, such as bamboo panelling and rattan furniture. Open office layouts were simple and utilised a 120-degree layout of workstations, providing an organic, natural path within the office.

dwp expanded the graphic content of the design, by evoking themes for manifestations and glass screens, with children and adults featured in the imaging. Colours were also subtle throughout the floors, reflecting a caring, nurturing environment for staff.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 4,735 sqm
Completion: November 2006
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