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World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp were tasked with creating stunning interiors for the Vanke VMO office buildings 24/25/26, including a club, with a canteen, a swimming pool and a meeting centre. Vanke, the largest property developer in China, desired a contemporary and eye-catching design, for their first commercial project in Shanghai.

The four elements were the chosen design concept, to provide for an overall balanced and harmonious working environment, at one with nature. A fire, earth and air theme for each of the 3 buildings respectively was complimented by the element of water incorporated into each. Colours, materials and textures were selected to match each theme accordingly, with a mixture of orange and grey, white, green and blue, set amid aluminium, natural stone, glass, synthetic marble, wood and vertical gardens.

Location: Pudong, Shanghai, China
Size: 2,500sqm
Completion: October 2011
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