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Astra Zeneca HQ

World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp created the concept for the relocated corporate head offices of Astra Zeneca Thailand, in Bangkok's CBD. Having researched the new offices of Astra worldwide, dwp understood the key corporate principle of one of the world leaders in pharmaceutical medicines, equipment and treatment: 'Health Connecting Us All'. Astra Zeneca was very keen on healthy surroundings, to foster better communication, connectivity, creativity and a sense of community and pride.

Strong branding was essential, using the key Astra colours of purple, yellow and violet, set against a white organic backdrop. A sense of community was achieved by providing a large breakout space, the business centre for visitors and staff, in the heart of the office at the reception hall, with the boardroom just adjacent, opening up with large, flexible swivel doors. A violet angular reception desk obtained an angled glass back wall, allowing in natural light. Modern seating in white metal, with yellow upholstery was set on carpet inserts, in matching violet. Creating a muted tone of ceramic tile in light and dark wood pattern offered easy maintenance. In the open-plan office space, a specially-designed hotdesk hub of two large counters, shaped A&Z, was reflective of the company's logo. Integrated in this hub are stations for 24 staff and two large sofas, as well as coffee tables and stools. The cellular offices received angular walls for a sense of modern dynamism. Angular aluminum door frames added whimsy and 120° white desks gave an organic feel, while yellow pedestals mimicked the brand, complimented by custom graphic walls, in organic angular lighted backdrops, and full-height interior billboard signage.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 1,400sqm
Completion: July 2011
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