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Krungthai AXA

Krungthai AXA requested world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, to design new offices, in modern Thai style with a contemporary spa feeling, to celebrate Thai culture and capture the warmth of customer relations. This unusual design brief required the entire space to reflect a distinctive Thai identity.

dwp's strategy was to incorporate four regional Thai styles - Sukhothai, Ayudhaya, Isarn and Lanna - as section themes, linked by carpeting, designed like a flowing river symbolising community. Key design elements were traditional Thai doors with modern glass inlay, organic finishes, gold leaf, Thai silk, hilltribe textiles, ceiling motifs, rattan columns, and artworks displayed in niches. The guest reception featured a relaxing wooden sala, surrounded by water. dwp custom-designed 120° workstations, with Thai motifs and fabrics, to match the overall concept. The resulting workplace created a new sense of community for the staff and successfully meshed traditional and modern Thai style design elements.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 3,150 sqm
banking & finance
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