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Lilanz HQ
Created by world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, the brand new gleaming exterior for the Lilanz HQ design resulted from an extreme makeover. In a meeting of like-minds, the Lilanz fashion brand required a most creative solution from dwp for the renovation and transformation of a highly conventional, white ceramic-tiled 1980s building. The real challenge was to completely convert this traditional form into an exciting fashion headquarters, without demolishing the existing façade.

dwp took to task 4 interconnected buildings of differing heights, including office, staff residential and fashion exhibition spaces, with the aim of creating an inspirational and dynamic look and feel. Reflecting the Lilanz brand and values, dwp's design to the exterior is cool, sophisticated and decidedly masculine, testament to an environment inside, where art, fashion and design seamlessly fuse. Elegance and simplicity, at the heart of dwp's design philosophy, struck a positive, modern and chic chord, in this spectacular change.

Inspired by the Lilanz philosophy 'Less is Fashion', only three materials were implemented: tinted glass, aluminum panels and variations of steel - solid, perforated, stainless, mirror-polished and black. Certain industrial elements incorporated into the design also drew inspiration from Lilanz fashion products. Made as identical modular components, all façade panels were pre-manufactured off-site and efficiently installed. From design through to construction completion, the project cycle took only 7 months, during which time, the offices and residences were able to operate as usual.

Location: Jinjiang, China
Size: 60,000sqm (4 buildings: 1x 7-storey, 2x 6-storey, 1x 9-storey)
Completion: June 2011
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