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In their brief, McTricity wanted world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp to create a modern, sleek and chic working environment. They wanted their staff and visitors to feel warmth, welcome and at ease once inside the office space.

dwp shaped and styled for them a very unique environment, most unusual for the interior design of a typical place of work. The very selection of furniture, seemingly more at home in a private dwelling, highlighted the coziness of interior theme. One could have mistaken the fixtures in the common areas as those of an upmarket café or stylish restaurant. The contemporary layout was both classy and modern, with the use of timber cladding, high-deck chairs and a fresh lighting theme.

The entire office was embued with an undeniable sense of quality. Dark coloured timber used throughout accentuated the smooth features of the office furniture and lighting, which was cleverly patterned in all areas to emphasize each mood evoked, depending on what part of the office one entered.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 500sqm
Completion: 2007
banking & finance
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