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World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp designed and built the new offices of Parfums & Beauté, the largest retailer of designer fragrances and beauty products in Thailand. Relocating 70 staff at the enviable top floor of Athenée Tower, Bangkok, the space had to cater to high-end clientele and be a blank canvas, to best feature every brand retailed. Luxury, sophistication and flexibility were key, as changing feature brands were not to clash with the interiors, which had to be convertible. The client spaces, such as the reception, boardroom and training rooms, had to allow for product launches, inviting high profile guests and hosting press.

The desired effect was achieved by creating a luxurious palette of high gloss white, in stone and tile, against rich chocolate brown ceilings and dark wood veneers. A reception desk in white stone encased in a lighted glass box offers a hotel concierge like feel. Adding classic Barcelona chairs in white heightened the simple, yet elegant, look. Acute attention to detail saw a stunning array of retail displays, as seemingly simple glass boxes that jutt out the wall. Yet on closer inspection, the backlit glass boxes had white magnetic walls for flexibility in replacing magnetic logos for the multiple, changing visual merchandising of key featured brands.

The office area received a playful use of the dark wood with a splash of green, within office doors, desk screens, vinyl stickers and paint on walls. A light cheesecake yellow paint contrasts against the patterned grey floor, while a thoughtful wallpaper-like paint pattern was achieved in the executive offices, using a single tone of matte and gloss mink-colour paint. The lavish boutique hotel ambience does justice to the brands and the company, generating a sense of pride for staff.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Size: 900sqm
Completion: August 2011
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