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Xtep Bengbu Masterplan

World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp was asked to create the design the masterplan for a significant mixed-use development in China. This is a 650,000sqm development in Bengbu City, for Xtep International, comprising high-end residential buildings, a Sheraton hotel, offices, luxury retail and a nursery school.

Inspiration for the masterplan stemmed from the dragon and pearls, as Bengbu is known as the 'Pearl City' and the site is located next to the Dragon Lake. Like a dragon flying across the site, an undulating skypark links all of the residential buildings. The dragon then stops to play with the pearls on top of the retail mall, before soaring into the clouds, represented by the 78-storey office and hotel tower. Bengbu is also known for its precious metal resources, reflected in the façade of the mall and hotel buildings, which are a light gold colour, creating a luxurious and magical feeling. The residential buildings are simple and elegant, all with huge sky living rooms and maximised the views towards Dragon Lake. This development is set to become a new iconic landmark for Bengbu. Construction begins in January 2012.

Location: Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China
Size: 650,000sqm
Completion: Estimated 2014
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