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Multinational giant Nestlé's brand new offices covered five floors, for 700 staff, and required a dynamic, stimulating work environment, as a showcase for Nestlé, embodying the Nestlé Five Behaviours.

World-class architecture and interior design firm dwp's undertook the challenge with a design strategy that gave each floor an individual colour theme that reflected the Nestlé Five Behaviors. The result was an open-plan workspace, with glass-fronted offices, to ease work flow and communication.

dwp designed 26 meeting rooms across the five floors, creating a unique shape and colour for each room. Formal meeting rooms were complemented with sofa seating breakout areas, for relaxed gatherings. Each floor's coffee corner was also designed to its own theme and colour, while graphic imaging, to stimulate the senses, was another key design element. dwp thus successfully delivered a work environment that stimulated energy and creativity, and injected a fun component, thereby encouraging teamwork.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 10,650 sqm
Completion: July 2005
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