work - ACB Square, Vietnam
ACB Square, Vietnam
The 21-storey ACB Tower at ACB Square is the new headquarters for the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), designed by award-winning, world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp. This project is an architectural mixed-use development, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. dwp has been commissioned to create the building architecture, public areas interior design and provide quantity surveying services. The site area comprises 4,153sqm, while the total project scope area is 57,073sqm, including retail (15,142sqm), offices (16,654sqm), apartments (13,346sqm) and underground car parking (11,931sqm), as well as harmonious outdoor spaces.
Inspiration for the design was driven by the typical Ho Chi Minh City building planning morphology, with deep floorplates and relatively low building height. The challenge lay in allowing natural light to penetrate to the centre of the building, which was facilitated by the architectural 'cuts' feature of the building, which also serve to create strong brand identity, with their defined geometry. The nature of these 'cuts' and their integration into the overall façade expression is atypical to Vietnam, making it an outstanding feature for the cityscape.
The simple and elegant design theme centres on connectivity, in providing a new central hub for the network of ACB branches. The iconic façade design reflects strength and presence through intelligent design, high grade and high tech materials and methods, dynamic spaces, and a unique place for urban activities. The architectural 'cuts' into the building provide a strong brand identity and easy recognition for the building.
With sustainability in mind, the design incorporates green initiatives aimed at LOTUS certification. Construction is slated to begin in November 2012.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Size: 57,073sqm
Completion: 2014
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