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FrieslandCampina HQ, Vietnam
North of Ho Chi Minh City, this state-of-the-art office HQ, 'House of Milk', designed by world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp, incorporates the client's vision and core dairy product business to support expanding operations in Vietnam. Playfully themed on a 'spilled milk' analogy, inspired by the client's colourful splash of milk logo, the landscape design makes for an exciting visual drama to FrieslandCampina's corporate brand.

With Feng Shui principles included into all design areas, upon arrival, this 6,500sqm complex signals a contemporary and active work environment, matching their youthful, progressive spirit. The 3-storey building loop 'collapses' towards the site entrance, to provide a unique form, and maintain a visual connection to the demonstration farm, while allowing natural daylight to penetrate interior spaces. The inclined living green roof is a usable open-air space, which absorbs rainwater, reduces the heat-island effect, insulates against noise and excessive heat, whilst also aptly maintaining a direct connection to the land itself.

Internally, the various departments are linked, offering casual inter-departmental spaces for employee interaction. The main building approach ramp also doubles as a 'catwalk', linking up to a rooftop coffee bar and shaded garden. The building design aims for official LEED certification from the US Green Building Council, testament to a commitment to integrated, leading edge and long-term sustainability and a user-friendly approach.

Location: Thuan An Ward, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Area: 6,500sqm
Completion: 2012
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